Jumeirah Lake Towers

I asked a resident of Jumeirah Lake Towers about the community and the feedback was a no surprise to me. Residents of this amazing community enjoy every aspect of the development and the amenities that are offered. Residents living in JLT apartments enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere that can be seen in JLT. This community is home to diverse nationalities and this diversity creates an amazing opportunity to explore different cultures. Dubai is home to more than 200 nationalities and in the first half of the year, nationals from more than 140 countries purchased properties in Dubai. This diversity is unique to the UAE and is apparent in Jumeirah Lake Towers. The other offering JLT residents enjoy is the park that was created by filling up one of the lakes, this created more space for kids to enjoy physical activities after school and for families who could spent some time here after work. JLT is developed over the concept of work and play that provides an opportunity to live close to work or just a walk away. In a cosmopolitan city like Dubai roads are very busy during the peak hours when people are commuting to work or heading home in the evenings. It usually takes a long time to cover short distances during these rush hours of traffic. There is always a huge influx of people in the UAE that keeps the roads always busy despite the fact that the road and train infrastructure is being updated constantly and Dubai’s infrastructure is at par with the most developed cities in the world. But despite this traffic jams are something that can’t be divided as people live far from the workplaces due to financial or family reasons. This is what JLT residents don’t need to bother about as they are working in the same community of residence. This saves them a lot of time that can be utilized in other productive work or to spend with families or life style activities.

People living in nearby communities also prefer to live in JLT so they could be enjoying the amenities and shorter distances to work and superior train connectivity. Apartment prices in JLT are also less than some of the other areas of Dubai and comparing the good factors the price is more than justified. Jumeirah Lake Towers is one of the most popular communities in Dubai and a preferred area to reside for people who want to live in a metropolitan culture, close to work.

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